[:de]EVS30 trade show Stuttgart 2017: ADS-TEC presents energy solutions for electromobility based on powerful battery storage systems[:]

[:de]EVS30 trade show Stuttgart 2017: ADS-TEC presents energy solutions for electromobility based on powerful battery storage systems[:]


At the 30th international Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition EVS30 held in Stuttgart from 9-11 October 2017, ADS-TEC will be presenting its innovative battery solutions for the fast-charging of electric vehicles in Hall 1 at Stand 1C33 as well as outside on the trade show grounds. ADS-TEC has long focussed on the topics of grid stability and the provision of power using battery storage systems in order to meet the extensive needs of tomorrow’s electromobility. At EVS30, the storage systems pioneer will be presenting its intelligent charging concepts to effectively utilise the existing distribution network.

ADS-TEC will also demonstrate for the first time a new high-power charging system that has its own charging station, which was developed together with the Porsche Engineering Group.

At Stand 1C33 at EVS30 in Stuttgart, ADS-TEC will be exhibiting two variants of the StoraXe battery system “PowerBooster,” which was designed as an outdoor solution mainly for the charging infrastructure of electromobility. The technology is leading the way in how tomorrow’s charging infrastructure can be expanded intelligently and economically. At the same time, these systems can also be used for network purposes and offer numerous application possibilities due to their multifunctionality and the various power capacities.

In addition to the exhibit at the trade show stand, another PowerBooster will be available for live use outside on the exhibition grounds on the trade show piazza (entrance ICS).

ADS-TEC is also represented at the EVS30 conference. On 10th October at 3:05pm, Dr. Jens Kistner (Head of Product and Project Management) will be holding a lecture in session F7 -Stationary batteries- on the subject of “Grid services with stationary battery storage systems”.

StoraXe battery system “PowerBooster”
The success of electromobility depends on the dynamic supply of power for fast-charging stations. In many instances, the power capacities for fast-charging stations are insufficient. The PowerBooster compact outdoor battery system from ADS-TEC as power amplifier in the distribution network offers one solution. With its extremely compact design, this system delivers high power capacities to the connected super chargers while energy is recharged at the available network connection point at low power. This not only saves valuable time, but also eliminates the need for elaborate medium-voltage systems, building cost subsidies or expensive network expansion.

At the same time, the intelligent system can be used for power grid purposes as a “Grid Service Station” and can be directly connected to the 400 Volt distribution network almost anywhere. Additional functions such as voltage stability, delay for optimum bandwidth utilisation of the network, frequency regulation, reactive power supply or peak capping are possible. It is for exactly these distribution networks, which get temporarily overloaded, these solutions are highly in demand in order to better utilise existing networks. As a complete solution, inverter, temperature control, control electronics, and safety and energy management are integrated. For ADS-TEC, the new PowerBooster systems are the centrepieces of this exhibit because they offer intelligent solutions for the tremendous demand in power that will soon be taxing out limited distribution network.

The PowerBooster is available in different form factors and output capacities. The base model is offered in two output capacities, 120 or 240 kWh, and is optimised for direct connection to fast-charging stations as well as for network purposes on limited distribution networks.

StoraXe ? scalable professional systems
Power-intensive fast charging of electric vehicles in the distribution network with PowerBooster systems is primarily made possible through a consistently high supply of power. All StoraXe systems from ADS-TEC offer this sustained high power (e.g. continuous 3C).

The StoraXe product portfolio starts with 6 or 9 kWh for home use, is extended to 19, 28 and 47 kWh for larger, private units or commercial use and can reach the multi-megawatt range for industrial and infrastructure use. Beyond that, the central connection of individual or networked storage systems to the ADS-TEC IoT service platform Big-LinX offers significant added value and forms the basis for all business models.

At the ADS-TEC trade show stand at EVS30, visitors can get information and advice on the individual topics of the entire product portfolio.

About ADS-TEC GmbH
ADS-TEC is a medium-sized, family-run company with headquarters in Nürtingen near Stuttgart and a current staff of 240. The company develops and produces high-quality and Industrial IT systems with long-term availability and “100% Made in Germany” as well as scalable, professional lithium-ion battery storage systems including energy management system for the home, industry and infrastructure sectors.
ADS-TEC CEO Thomas Speidel is president of the German Energy Storage Association (BVES) e.V. Through initiatives in numerous projects funded by the federal and state governments, ADS-TEC maintains close relations to businesses and research institutes along the entire value chain.

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