[:en]Technology in sports medicine – powering fitness trackers et al[:]

[:en]Technology in sports medicine – powering fitness trackers et al[:]


VARTA Microbattery and VARTA Storage at Medica 2017

Fitness trackers are bang on trend. Whether it’s calorie consumption, number of steps or other physical and performance data – wristbands, smartphones and even headphones can measure how sporty we are and tell us where we ought to tweak our training. Lots of people also share their progress in social networks and encourage each other to up their game. Sports medicine technology is also a key theme at this year’s Medica. The leading international trade show for the medical sector has decided to focus, among other things, on how physiotherapy, sports medicine and wearables are helping people get fit and stay fit. Of course, to ensure they can reliably measure and document our physical activity, all these wearables and hearables need a suitable power supply. From November 13 to 16, 2017, at Stand A23 in Hall 15 in Dusseldorf, the company is exhibiting high-performance microbatteries, standardized and customized power packs, and hydrogen gas generating cells. “Medical technology is an increasingly important field of application for our lithium-ion batteries,” says Herbert Schein, CEO of VARTA AG. “From our point of view, the focus is on safety and durability.”

Power source for all wearables and hearables

Batteries need to be smaller, lighter and more powerful, particularly for applications such as medical products, wearables and hearables. VARTA Microbattery is exhibiting the successful CoinPower series at its stand. This rechargeable lithium-ion button cell is used in the Cosinuss One, for example, a device that looks like a wireless headphone but actually measures the wearer’s pulse at the ear and also tracks heart rate variations and body temperature. After training, data can be downloaded to a smartphone or smartwatch.

The CoinPower product series comprises the CP 1254, CP 1454 and CP 1654. “Their compact and stable design, coupled with exceptional performance, make the CoinPower cells a perfect power source for all wearables and hearables,” explains Schein. Their cylindrical shape and high energy density make them ideal for these kinds of applications. Rapid recharging, high resilience and a sturdy design round out the profile of the CoinPower series. Another highlight at the trade show are the primary lithium, alkaline manganese and silver oxide button cells, which exhibit a reliability and durability that make them the optimum power solution for compact medical devices.

The perfect power pack solutions for medical devices

The Power and Energy division is at Medica to exhibit its high-performance battery solutions for wearable medical devices such as dental devices and surgical instruments. Whether standardized CellPac LITE, semi-customized CellPac BLOX in various designs or bespoke power pack solutions – VARTA Storage has the right energy solution for any customer requirement. All the products are based on advanced lithium-ion technology and exhibit excellent performance and safety standards. The CellPac LITE series is already certified to UN38.3, UL 1642, IEC62133 and a number of products have UL2054 certification. This makes it easier to achieve IEC 60601-1 certification for medical standards.

Hydrogen gas generating cells for applications that supply their own energy

The mercury-free hydrogen gas generating cells from VARTA Microbattery are the optimum solution for mobile, energy self-sufficient medical applications such as vaccination and infusion systems. VARTA has gas generating cells with ultrapure hydrogen to suit any type of displacement application for liquids, pastes, gels and granules or for analysis/sensor applications.

As the parent company of the Group, VARTA AG is active in the business segments Microbatteries and Power & Energy through its operating subsidiaries VARTA Microbattery GmbH and VARTA Storage GmbH. Already an innovation leader in the microbattery sector and a market leader for hearing-aid microbatteries, VARTA Microbattery GmbH also aspires to market leadership for lithium-ion batteries. VARTA Storage GmbH focuses on the design, system integration and assembly of stationary lithium-ion energy storage systems for households and commercial applications as well as customized battery storage systems for OEM customers. The Group’s operating subsidiaries are currently active in more than 75 countries around the world, with four production and assembly facilities in Europe and Asia as well as distribution centers in Asia, Europe and the United States.

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